Das ist Valter Restaurant

by petra

Das ist Valter Restaurant serves typical Bosnian food such as ćevapi (grilled minced meat) that is normally eaten with lepinja flatbread, onion and ajvar (red pepper sauce).

This restaurant that is located in Radovljica is a sophisticated fast food restaurant.

They also offer typical Bosnian desserts such as baklava and Bosnian coffee that is served in a pot called džezva.


OUR ORDER: The menu board with pictures next to the restaurant was inviting passers-by to have some typical dishes of Balkan origin, such as ćevapi’‘pleskavica’ (meat patty), different kinds of piesspoon dishes composed of beans (‘prebranec’, ‘kondor’), ‘šopska’ salad and some desserts (‘balkava’).

Das ist Valter Restaurant
Das ist Valter Restaurant in Radovljica.
Das ist Valter Restaurant
Menu board on the way to the restaurant.

We decided to have some ćevapi that originated in the Balkans and are still widely eaten in the countries that used to form Yugoslavia (Slovenia and Bosnia were part of it).

In some countries, they make ćevapi of different types of meat (beef and pork) while in Bosnia they only use beef.

OUR EXPERIENCE: The food came promptly. Apart from ćevapi – that were soft and as greasy as they should be – we also had the following dishes: sudžukica sausage that tasted delicious (but different as typical Slovenian sausages), spinach pie (that comes with yogurt) and roasted bell peppers.

Das ist Valter Restaurant
‘Petka‘ which consists of five pieces of ćevapi, lepinja bread and onion is one of the most popular dishes.

The spinach pie which is called ‘zeljanica’ was tasteful (it is very filling, therefore, you are supposed to drink yogurt with it) while roasted bell peppers were a good alternative to salad.

Das ist Valter Restaurant
Bosnian spinach pie (zeljanica) served with yogurt.
Das ist Valter Restaurant
Roasted bell peppers

After finishing the main course, we decided to have a dessert. You can choose from three different desserts while the majority of them includes nuts.

We went for baklava, a very rich pastry made of layers and filled with nuts that would be normally served in Bosnia on special occasions.

Das ist Valter Restaurant
Baklava is served in small pieces, because it is very filling.

CONCLUSION: Even though the selection on the menu is not wide, you will for sure find something for yourself if you have craving for some Balkan food. If you have not eaten any food of Balkan origin yet, then beef ćevapi is an excellent choice.

If you are very hungry, you can order bigger portion of ćevapi (called desetka) with ten pieces, or go for petka that is composed of five ćevapi if a smaller portion is enough for you. In any case, do not forget to order ajvar with it as only like that your eating experience will be as authentic as possible.

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 3rd of March 2018. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Address: 4240 RADOVLJICA, Cankarjeva ulica 70
Phone: (+386) 40 573 788
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Family friendly 
Budget meals 
LOCATION: The restaurant is located near Gorenjska cesta, one of the main roads in Radovljica.
Das ist Valter Restaurant
The restaurant is located to the left.
If you come by car, you can leave it at one of the parking lots next to the complex (to the right in the photo above).
VEGETARIAN: If you do not eat meat, then you can have ‘kondor’ (mashed beans) or ‘kajmak’ (creamy cheese), a spinach pie served with yogurt, ‘šopska’ salad or roasted bell peppers.
DESSERTS: You can choose from three different desserts: ‘baklava’ (rich pastry with nuts), tufahija (boiled apples stuffed with nuts) and ‘tulumbe’ (simple, fried pastry).
COFFEE: If you drink coffee, then do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy Bosnian coffee served in an artisan copper-plated pot called ‘džezva’.
SEATING: The interior is homely and comfortable. You can also sit outside on the restaurant’s terrace when the weather is warm.
Das ist Valter Restaurant
Inside the restaurant.
ACCESSIBILITY: The restaurant is situated on two floors, connected by a wooden staircase (there is no elevator).
Das ist Valter Restaurant
Wooden staircase
FAMILY-FRIENDLY: There are children’s high chairs available.
This restaurant is located in:
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