Friday 13th Brings the First Snow of the Season

by petra
13 December 2019

… and this time the snow has stayed on the ground! Finally, we can enjoy some winter moments outside while Christmas time is just round the corner.

Apart from walking by or around Lake Bled and feeling like you are in a winter fairy-tale, there are some other things to do in Bled in winter. Check out my latest post to get an idea of how to spend your time at Lake Bled during the coldest season of the year.

The photos below feature today’s truly winter walk around the lake.

First snow at Lake Bled
Young tourists waiting for hydrobus.
The hydrobus just arrived and is about to leave out the passengers who visited Bled Island.
First snow at Lake Bled
Time for new passengers.
First snow at Lake Bled
Bled Island through the snowflakes.
First snow at Lake Bled
Walking around the lake and hearing the snow crunch under your boots.
First snow at Lake Bled
Lonely boats waiting by the lakeshore.
First snow at Lake Bled
Taking winter themed photos is one of the things you can do at the lake when it snows.

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