Gala In Restaurant

by petra

Gala In Restaurant, Pizzeria and Brewery that is located close to the highway Ljubljana-Jesenice offers a wide selection of dishes that are typically eaten in Slovenia.

That includes traditional Slovenian cuisine, such as Carniolan sausage served with cabbage, Italian foodpasta with different sauces and pizzas, and typical Balkan food like grilled meat (ćevapi, pleskavica).

A big plus is that there is a variety of salads that you can order, as well as a salad bar.

The selection of desserts is good too – you can even try some typical Slovenian desserts such as Bled Cream Cake or Prekmurje layer cake.


OUR ORDER: Ravioli with basil and mushroom sauce, Mediterranean pizza, Mediterranean salad with prosciutto.

Gala In Restaurant Lesce
Gala In Restaurant in Lesce.

OUR EXPERIENCE: The dishes were tasty overall, especially the ravioli with the sauce made of the type of mushrooms called ‘porcini’ that grow in Slovenian forests. They made the ravioli even more delicious.

Gala In Restaurant Lesce
Ravioli with basil served with mushroom sauce
Gala In Restaurant Lesce
You can choose from different types of pizza that comes in two different sizes.

Gala In Restaurant that brews beer onsite will probably not disappoint you if you are a meat lover. You can choose from typical Slovenian meat dishes, such as Carniolan sausage and black pudding, Balkan meat specialities and various kinds of kebab dishes.

If you feel like having something lighter, you could go for fish or seafood (salmon, flatfish, squid, trout…) or pasta (spaghetti, ravioli, gnocchi) with different sauces (including cheese, tuna and chicken sauce).

If you are to order a side dish (that will go with meat maybe), I would suggest you to try ‘pražen krompir’ which is roasted potato that was traditionally served in Slovenian homes with Sunday lunch.

Selection of food for vegetarians in Gala In Restaurant is narrower as for meat eaters which is usual for classic Slovenian restaurants. However, there is a wide selection of salads (some do include meat), as well as a salad bar. You can also have ‘a vegetarian plate’ or champignons prepared in different ways or a vegetarian pizza.

Gala In Restaurant Lesce
Salad with cheese and prosciutto

As for desserts – apart from ice-cream, pancakes, apple strudel and panna cotta, you can try some desserts originating in Gorenjska Region or other parts of Slovenia. Like many other restaurants in the area, Gala In offers Bled Cream Cake and Prekmurje layer cake.

CONCLUSION: We have visited this restaurant and pizzeria a couple of times and never left it hungry, neither disappointed. We would normally go for pizza, some kind of pasta and salad.

The staff has always been friendly and the service quite fast. We prefer to sit outside – there is a huge covered terrace, as the indoor seating area is a bit gloomy.

NOTE: The last time I visited this restaurant was on the 22nd of October 2017. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Address: 4248 LESCE, Hraška cesta 13
Phone: (+386) 45 31 60 00
Slovenian Cuisine
Slovenian cuisine 
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating 
Family friendly 
LOCATION: The restaurant is located near the motorway Jesenice/Radovljica and is also close to the highway Ljubljana-Jesenice leading to the Karawanks tunnel.
PARKING: There is a big parking area in front of the restaurant that is easily accessible by car.
SLOVENIAN CUISINE: Going through the extensive menu of Gala In Restaurant, one can also order some dishes that originated in Slovenia, such as:
beef broth or ‘goveja juha’,
Carniolan sausage or ‘Kranjska klobasa’ served with cabbage (main dish),
black pudding or ‘krvavica’ served with cabbage or turnip (main dish),
rolled dumplings‘štruklji’ filled with cottage cheese (side dish or dessert),
Bled cream cake (dessert),
Prekmurje layer cake (dessert).
VEGETARIAN: Vegetarians can choose from vegetarian pizza, vegetarian plate, pasta with different sauces, grilled champignons or champignons with gorgonzola sauce. There is also a salad bar.
SEATING: There is indoor, as well as outdoor seating area, and both are large. This restaurant is ideal for big groups.
Gala In Restaurant Lesce
Indoor seating area
FAMILY-FRIENDLY: There are high chairs for small children available.
Children can play in the restaurant’s playground that is located close to the restaurant’s terrace.
This restaurant is located in:
Map Lesce
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