Grajska Gostilnica

by petra

Grajska Gostilnica (or Little Castle Inn) is a cosy and warm place in the centre of Radovljica. You can choose from different meat, fish, pasta and vegetarian dishes that include local ingredients.

They also serve pizza that is baked in a traditional stove oven.

Chef Borut recommends red trout fillet with gnocchi au gratin or crispy chicken fillet with “čopme” (potatoes).

The restaurant has also a wine cellar where you can have a degustation meal and taste wine.


OUR ORDER: We started our meal with a warm starter (creamy mushroom soup and asparagus soup).

Grajska gostilnica
Grajska gostilnica in Radovljica.

Our mains consisted of barley risotto with asparagus and horseradish (includes milk) and roasted potatoes with rosemary and vegetables.

OUR EXPERIENCE: The soups that came in cute pots were very tasty and big in portions (after finishing my mushroom soup I was almost full). The menu said that the soup was made of porcini, kind of mushrooms that grow in the forest surrounding Radovljica.

Grajska gostilnica
Creamy asparagus soup (one of the soups of the day)
Grajska gostilnica
Creamy mushroom soup

The mains were likewise delicious, however the potatoes with rosemary and vegetables were a bit too salty for my taste (it might be good to ask the waiter how satly the potatoes are when ordering).

Grajska gostilnica
Barley risotto with asparagus and horseradish
Grajska gostilnica
Roasted potatoes with rosemary and vegetables

CONCLUSION: This restaurant with a rustic charm serves food of good quality that is also nicely presented. The staff was very kind and helpful (the waitress told me which dishes included milk and which not as I am trying to continue with my plant-based diet).

Grajska gostilnica
Inside the restaurant.

We left the restaurant – that is named after the hotel in which is situated – satisfied and will definitely come back again!

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 26th of May 2019. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Address: 4240 RADOVLJICA, Kranjska cesta 2
Phone: (+386 4 531 44 45)
Website: (in Slovenian)
Slovenian Cuisine
Slovenian cuisine 
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating 
LOCATION: Grajska Gostilnica is located in the heart of Radovljica. You will find it in a big yellow building (a hotel called Grajski Dvor), facing the park.
Grajska gostilnica
The restaurant is situated in a big building (there are also a pub and a hostel) opposite to the town's park.
Next to the restaurant there is a parking area. The main bus station is just three minutes away.
SLOVENIAN CUISINE: This restaurant serves dishes originating in Gorenjska Region and strives to use local ingredients.
You can for instance try „čompe“ (cooked potatoes), rolled dumplings, beef broth with noodles or Gorenjska sausage with minced lard.
VEGETARIAN: There are some vegetarian options:
–  penne (pasta) with mixed vegetables,
– pasta with wild garlic pesto and cheese,
– barley risotto with asparagus and horseradish,
– roasted potatoes with rosemary and vegetables,
– creamy mushroom soup.
DESSERTS: This restaurant offers some unique desserts that you will not see on the menu of any restaurants nearby, such as „Prešeren’s hat“ (house speciality made of a nut cookie, dark chocolate and dry figs) or tarragon pancakes.
You can also try cream cake (similar to Bled Cream Cake) served in a glass.
SEATING: Grajska Gostilnica has indoor seating that is also suitable for bigger groups and a terrace.
Grajska gostilnica
On the day we were there, tables were set for wedding guests.
FAMILY FRIENDLY: High chairs for babies are available.
This restaurant is located in:
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