A Local' Guide to Lake Bled
A Local' Guide to Lake Bled

A Local's Guide to Lake Bled

Our local’s guide to Lake Bled in western Slovenia including some insider’s tips and personal favourites

Lake Bled is ‘a picture perfect’ alpine lake with an island (Bled Island) and is besides the capital of Ljubljana, Postojna Cave and the coastal town of Piran one of the top tourist attractions in Slovenia.

It is a place where one can relax and enjoy nature. But overall, Lake Bled is home to various animals and plants that local community strives to preserve for future generations.

That is why our guide also includes tips for sustainable living and travelling. However, our main goal is to share with you why we love Lake Bled and show you places off the beaten path.

IN SHORT: Lake Bled is situated in the alpine resort of Bled that lies in the mountainous part of Slovenia.

TO DO: Outdoor sports (walking, swimming, rowing, diving…), sightseeing, wellness, cuisine, photography, attending cultural, sporting and other events

MOST VISITED CULTURAL SIGHTS: Pilgrimage church of Mary on Bled Island and Bled Castle that sits atop the cliff above the lake

… however, we encourage you to tailor your travel according to your interests. That means that you do not need to feel obliged to visit all the ‘top attractions’.

If you feel like hugging trees in the forest or sitting all day on a bench by the lake and observe people, do that! 🙂