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Matiček Pizzeria is known among locals for delicious ‘kebab pizza’; however, they also serve other types of pizza, including folded pizza called calzone.

If you feel like having something else, you can order some other dishes that are typically eaten in Slovenia, have a dessert or just a quick snack.


OUR ORDER: Being pleasantly surprised about the liveliness of the place, we took a look at the menu: you could choose from various types of pizza and different toppings such as tartar sauce, as well as alternative mains, such as spaghetti or Greek gyros, and salads.

We ordered two pizzas: one ‘regular’ called ‘pizza antiskleroza’ and a folded pizza or calzone that was actually invented in Naples.

Pizza antiskleroza that translates something as ‘pizza anti-forgetfulness’ includes garlic sauce. It is said that eating garlic increases memory retention and the name of that pizza is probably connected to that.

Matiček Pizzeria & Restaurant
Matiček Pizzeria & Restaurant in Radovljica.

OUR EXPERIENCE: While we were waiting for the pizzas to come, we realised that there was a wonderful view from the seating area of the mountains – the Karawanks that lie on Slovenia’s border with Austria. The mountain tops were dusted with snow and the sky was completely blue…

The smell of pizzas on the table in front of us redirected our thoughts. The pizzas that had been baked in a wood fire brick oven – that used to be typical for farmhouses in Gorenjska Region – looked delicious. – And they also tasted like that.

Matiček Pizzeria & Restaurant
Calzone or folded pizza with a nice brown crust was stuffed with ham, prosciutto and cheese.

Calzone – that melted in my mouth – was stuffed with ham, prosciutto of good quality and cheese. The calzone’s crust was nicely crispy, but not too thick as it might seem at first glance. The goat cheese was a good addition to it and made each bite enjoyable.

Matiček Pizzeria & Restaurant
Calzone cut in half.

According to my dining companion, pizza antiskleroza was cooked to perfection and was also tasty. It was not dry, so ‘he did not need to add extra sauce to refresh it as it can happen sometimes’.

It was obvious that the ingredients which made the pizza antiskleroza taste delightful were of good quality too.

Matiček Pizzeria & Restaurant
Pizza antiskleroza and a tartar sauce.

CONCLUSION: Matiček Pizzeria that has been around for quite some years, was an excellent choice for our Sunday lunch.

Apart from good food, quick service, and lively atmosphere, this pizza place has a family-friendly atmosphere. There are children’s high chairs available while the youngest visitors of the restaurant can play in the corner with drawing supplies.

If you are planning to dine at Matiček on Sunday, you might want to make a reservation. In the worst scenario – they also offer takeaway. Oh, and if you have a dog – they are welcome too!

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 28th of January 2018. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Adress: 4240 RADOVLJICA, Vurnikov trg 3
Phone: (+386) 41 710 903
Facebook page
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
LOCATION: Matiček Restaurant is located at Vurnikov trg (Vurnik Square) that is part of a recently rebuilt neighbourhood near the main bus station.
Matiček Pizzeria & Restaurant
Matiček Pizzeria has outdoor seating area looking towards Vurnik Square.
GET THERE: If you are accommodated in Bled, you can go to Radovljica either by bus or car or by bicycle as there is a bike lane between Bled and Radovljica.
Buses run regularly between Bled and Radovljica. You can check the timetable here.
Radovljica's charming old town is worth exploring.
In case of going by car – close to the restaurant there are parking spaces, many of them are empty on weekends while you might need some more time to find an empty space during the weekdays.
SEATING: This restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating area.
FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Besides children’s high chairs that you can use while dining at Matiček, there is also a children’s corner where your child can keep himself busy.
Outside, at Vurnik Square, there is also a playground.
At Vurnik Square where the restaurant is located you will also find a playground.
This restaurant is located in:
Map Radovljica
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