Okarina Restaurant

by petra

The cuisine this restaurant serves is mainly multicultural, just like the music festival with the same name as that restaurant Okarina that takes places every summer in Bled.

However, you can also get local specialties, such as wild game dishes, trout, Balkan salad or mushrooms with polenta.

Located near Lake Bled, Okarina Restaurant is ideal for those who like Indian cuisine or prefer a bit lighter food.


OUR ORDER: Going through the restaurant’s menu (available in several languages), I realized Okarina Restaurant offered a wide selection of healthy and light food.

The names of many dishes on the menu alluded to Indian origin: tikka masala, biryani, naan bread… Almost in each category (starters, soups, mains etc.), there was also a section with local cuisine recommendations.

The waitress who also brought us a wine card told us there were two soups of the day available: mushroom (porcini) soup and wild garlic soup. We did not feel like having starters so we just ordered the mains: chicken tikka masala and Caesar salad.

Okarina Restaurant
Entrance to the restaurant.
Okarina Restaurant
Okarina Restaurant in Bled.

OUR EXPERIENCE: The waitress – who was very kind and made us feel welcomed – brought our orders: the food was presented well and looked delicious.

My dining companion enjoyed chicken tikka masala that was slightly spicy. He told me that the rice was not overcooked and that the slices of melon made the dish refreshing.

Okarina Restaurant
Chicken tikka masala

The Caesar salad included lettuce, pieces of grilled chicken, toasted bread and dressing. It was a perfectly light meal for a hot summer day. Together with the salad, I ate naan bread that was nicely crunchy.

Okarina Restaurant
Caesar salad

CONCLUSION: What is special about this restaurant is that they have a good selection of Indian and vegetarian food.

Okarina Restaurant was a good choice to have lunch at. The food was of good quality and the service was very polite and attentive. This restaurant will not let you down but expect a bit higher prices than average.

Because the weather was warm, we sat outside on the restaurant’s terrace which could be a bit noisy during summer months due to the traffic from the main road nearby.

However, the advantage of sitting along the main road is that you can also observe people pass by while enjoying your meal!

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 14th of July 2018. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Address: 4260 BLED, Ljubljanska cesta 8
Phone: (+386) 45 74 14 58
Slovenian Cuisine
Slovenian cuisine 
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Family friendly 
LOCATION: Okarina Restaurant is situated by the main road that runs towards Lake Bled.
Okarina Restaurant
Okarina Restaurant is located in the building next to the post office.
The closest bus stop to the restaurant is called ‘Bled-Union’ (located opposite Union Hotel).
If you arrive by car, you can leave it in the parking area above the shopping centre just around the corner.
SLOVENIAN CUISINE: Even though Okarina Restaurant could be labelled as Indian restaurant, they also offer Slovenian cuisine, from starters (Karst prosciutto) to main dishes and desserts (Bled Cream Cake).
Okarina Restaurant
This restaurant serves healthy and light food.
VEGETARIAN: Apart from Indian vegetarian dishes, they can prepare you different kinds of other vegetarian foods, such as tofu with vegetables, soy fillet or spinach omelette.
You can choose from various kinds of salads (small or big).
VEGAN: The menu says that the restaurant also serves vegan food. If you are a vegan, I would suggest you to ask the restaurant’s staff which food is suitable for you.
DESSERTS: You can choose from: ice-cream with raspberries, hot chocolate, creamy caramel, Bled Cream Cake, ‘blejska grmada’ and buckwheat pancake with fresh fruits.
FAMILY FRIENDLY: This is a family-friendly restaurant. They have high chairs available that will make feeding your child easier.
Okarina Restaurant
Inside the restaurant
OUTDOOR SEATING: The restaurant’s terrace looks towards the main road.
Okarina Restaurant
On the restaurant's terrace
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