Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub

by petra

Pri Planincu restaurant, pizzeria and pub will satisfy your hunger, if you have a craving for meat dishes or pizza. Or if you wish to try some local cuisine.

This restaurant offers more than 20 types of pizza, including gluten-free pizza.

Vegetarians will also find something for themselves, as well as beer lovers as there is also a pub.

The restaurant has outdoor seating in the shade and a terrace that you will appreciate during hot summer days.


OUR ORDER: Going through the menu and passing by fish, beef, turkey, pork and grill sections, I stopped on the page with house specialities. They were all traditional Slovenian dishes.

Most of them included meat, except the one that I ordered: buckwheat dumplings (ajdovi krapi in Slovenian) with mushroom sauce. My dining companion also chose a dish from that page: cooked beef with potatoes and horseradish sauce.

Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub
Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub in summer

OUR EXPERIENCE: The food came quickly. The buckwheat dumplings were tasty and the sauce made of mushrooms – porcini (that grow in Slovenian forests) was a nice addition to them.

Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub
Buckwheat dumplings with mushroom sauce

As for the meal of my dining companion: He told me that the beef was a bit dry, and the potatoes plain; however, the horseradish sauce saved the whole meal and made it good.

Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub
Cooked beef with potatoes and horseradish sauce

CONCLUSION: Pri Planincu Restaurant, Pizzeria and Pub – that has been running for more than 100 years – is as diverse as its offer isMeat, pizza and beer lovers will definitely like it there.

Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub
The interior of the restaurant reflects its more than 100 years old heritage.
Pri Planincu Restaurant & Pub
The pub area

Vegetarians and those who prefer light meals will have less options to choose from. However, the restaurant also offers a gluten-free pizza and a gluten-free beer.

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 12th of July 2017. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Address: 4260 BLED, Grajska cesta 8
Phone: (+386) 45 741 613
Slovenian Cuisine
Slovenian cuisine 
Gluten Free
Gluten free
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating 
SLOVENIAN CUISINE: Pri Planincu Restaurant serves traditional Slovenian dishes, including:
– veal or pork roast with potatoes,
– pork chop with onion and roast potatoes,
– Upper Carniola sausage (Kranjska klobasa),
– pork sausage (pečenica) with sauerkraut,
– black pudding sausage with turnip.
DESSERTS: You can also have a dessert there that is typical for Gorenjska region: pancakes with jam or walnut filling, ‘tsar pancake’ (carski praženec) or apple pie (‘štrudel’).
GLUTEN FREE: At this restaurant you can have a gluten-free pizza. They also offer a gluten-free beer.
VEGETARIAN: This restaurant has wide selection of meat dishes; however you can still have vegetarian dishes such as:
– buckwheat dumplings with mushroom sauce,
– fried cheese with tartar sauce,
– spaghetti with tomato sauce,
– vegetarian plate (vegetables, cheese dumplings, vegetarian patties and roast potatoes),
– garlic, vegetable, or mushroom soup.
ACCESSIBLE: It is possible to access the restaurant’s garden and the pub in a wheelchair, while the restaurant’s terrace on the first floor where pizzeria is located is accessible by stairs.
FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Baby high chairs are available.
BIKE PARKING: Next to the restaurant, there is a spot where you can leave your bicycle safely.
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