In photos: Good morning, Radovljica

by petra

Taking a walk in the old town, kissed by the morning sun

11 January 2019

If you are in Bled and wish to visit some other places that are located nearby, as well as are easily accessible, Radovljica is one of the good options. While strolling in Radovljica’s old town, you will have the impression that the time stopped centuries ago.

Even though it is small, there are many things to do in the old town that sits above Sava River, alpine river that starts its journey in the Julian Alps.

Apart from sightseeing and admiring picturesque buildings, you can try some local cuisine at one of the restaurants there or treat yourself to something sweet at a café situated in a beautiful Renaissance mansion.

If you feel like being creative, you can take part in a honey-bread workshop or visit local pottery where you can buy unique ceramic mugs and bowls, among others.

In case of being interested in the town’s history, you should go to Radovljica Manor where you will find the town’s museum, as well as the Beekeeping Museum. You might hear some classical music when getting into that majestic building as it also hosts a music school.

The Radovljica Manor is located at Linhart Square that is named after a famous historian and playwright Anton Tomaž Linhart who was born in a house that used to stand in the old town.

At one end of the old town, you will find St Peter’s Church that is normally open to visitors. Across the spacious courtyard that belongs to the church, there is a viewpoint that you should definitely visit. From there you will see the Julian Alps with Slovenia’s highest mountain, Triglav.

If you like being surrounded by people, then the best time to visit the old town is on sunny days or when some events (like flea market, Chocolate Festival, concerts etc.) are taking place. On the contrary, if you prefer to have the old town for yourself, then it is best to go there early in the morning.

The pictures below show the old town of Radovljica waking up on a cold winter morning, being kissed by the golden light of the morning sun.

Radovljica old town
The old town of Radovljica is very photogenic.
Radovljica old town
The majority of the buildings standing in the old town were built in the 16th and 17th century.
Radovljica old town
In the Lectar Museum, you can taste honey-bread in the shape of heart or learn how to make one.
Radovljica old town
This imposing building that is called Radovljica Manor houses the Beekeeping Museum and the Municipality Museum.
Radovljica old town
St Peter’s Church stands near the Radovljica Manor and is normally open to the public, so you can get inside and take a look around.
Radovljica old town
At the end of this street you will find a viewpoint from where you can see Jelovica Plateau, Sava River and the Julian Alps in the distance.

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