Terms of Use

by petra


this page is dedicated to the terms of use of this website. I know this is not the most interesting article, but I would invite you to read it nevertheless so that you inform yourself about some important aspects considering the use of the website and its content. Thank you!

What is Bledoscope and what is its mission

Bledoscope is an online guide and travel blog that gives suggestions on what to see and do in Bled and nearby places in Alpine Slovenia. By nearby places, I refer to towns and villages that are located in the Upper Gorenjska Region and are ideal for day trips from Bled (Gorje, Bohinj, Radovljica).

Bledoscope is being created by Petra Pekovec, a Slovenian who has been living in Bled for many years  and is a qualified Julian Alps guide.

Apart from giving information about natural and cultural attractions in the area, the aim of Bledoscope is also to give an insider’s glimpse into Bled, as well as to promote creative, slow and sustainable tourism.

Bledoscope also organises guided walks (nature and photo walks) that takes place in Bled, Slovenia.

The website address of Bledoscope is: www.bledoscope.com

Terms of website use

I strive for this website to be available 24 hours a day; however, I do not take any responsibility in case of unavailability for any reason. Please be advised that every Internet user visits this website at his/her own discretion. 

Website content

All the content on the website www.bledoscope.com is owned by Petra Pekovec unless stated otherwise. That includes text, photographs and graphics. Please be advised that it is therefore not allowed to copy or republish the content of this website by third parties.

All the photographs on this website are copyright protected. Please take that into consideration and respect copyright laws. In case you would like to republish any of the photos you have seen on this website, please contact me at petra@bledoscope.com.

Hiking: On this website, you will find hiking suggestions. All the hiking routes are close to Bled and are suitable for beginner hikers, however, please make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes, take enough liquid and sun protection with you if needed. I would also recommend you to inform yourself about the weather in the area you are planning to visit in advance (the weather in Gorenjska Region in which Bled is located can be quite unpredictable – storms with lighting are common in the afternoon during the summer). It is your own responsibility to stay safe during the hiking trip. 

Guided walks (not applicable at the moment)

Please be advised that by booking one of the guided walks published on this website you agree to our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update or change the information regarding the guided tours (tour description, tour duration, date and hour of the tour, price) without prior notice.

When you book a tour, you receive an info pack with all the practical information you need to prepare for the tour. As some of the tours posted on this website include hiking, we encourage you to do everything to stay safe during the tour (wear appropriate clothes and shoes). Please be advised that during the guided tours, it is your own responsibility to stay safe. 

If you would like to know more about the terms of use, please do not hesitate to contact me at petra@bledoscope.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Terms of Use.