Tulipan Restaurant

by petra

This traditional style restaurant in Lesce, a town near Bled, has a wide range of choices on its menu.

You can choose from meat specialities, various dishes of Gorenjska origin, fish, pasta and risottos, as well as vegetarian and vegan meals.

Tulipan Restaurant also offers a good selection of desserts, including chocolate souffle with strawberry ice-cream.


OUR ORDER: I remember dining at this restaurant when I was a child. Each time we were there we ordered a so-called ‘Tulipan platter’ that included everything: different kinds of steaks, vegetables and several side dishes.

This time we decided to start our eating experience at Tulipan Restaurant with a soup. I chose a vegan soup (miso soup) while my dining companion ordered a bit more complex soup including garlic, salmon and toasted bread.

Tulipan Restaurant
We were served a cold starter that included cabbage before we received the food we ordered.
Tulipan Restaurant Lesce
Miso soup
Tulipan Restaurant Lesce
Garlic soup with salmon and toasted bread

If you feel like eating a cold starter instead of a soup, you can have for example prosciutto from Karst Region (a kind of a ham) served together with melon and olives or classic steak tartare.

Soon our waiter – who was very friendly and attentive – brought us the mains that were very well presented. On the plate of my dining companion was a jar filled with polenta and wild game goulash, decorated with homemade marmalade.

Tulipan Restaurant Lesce
Wild game goulash, polenta and homemade marmalade

My main course consisted of turkey steak that was served together with mushroom sauce and fried potatoes with onion as a side dish.

Tulipan Restaurant
Turkey steak with mushroom sauce and fried potatoes with onion

The only dish that was still missing was the salad that we got from the restaurant’s salad bar.

Tulipan Restaurant
Salad from the salad bar

The food on our plates was not only presented in a visually pleasing way, but it was also delicious, and we enjoyed the variety of tastes. The portions were good sized too.

The only thing that bothered me was that there were pork rinds in the potatoes because I do not like them. It is common to use pork rinds when preparing potatoes in a traditional way in Slovenia, so for some that would be a tasty addition. If you do not like them either, tell that to the waiter when ordering potatoes.

After finishing the main course, we felt that there was still some room left for a dessert. As we were being a bit nostalgic, we went for walnut pancakes (our grandmothers would often make us pancakes).

There are several desserts you can choose from – apple strudel with vanilla or passion fruit ice-cream.

Tulipan Restaurant Lesce
Pancakes with walnut feeling

CONCLUSION: The food and the service at Tulipan Restaurant were excellent. The atmosphere was homely and we felt welcome. We learnt that some dishes are still being prepared according to the recipes of grandmother Mici who had opened the restaurant together with her husband 50 years ago.

If you are to dine at this restaurant on Sunday, make a reservation beforehand, especially if you are a bigger group.

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 11th of March 2018. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks!

Address: 4248 LESCE, Alpskacesta 8
Phone: (+386) 45 37 88 00
Website: www.tulipan-azman.si/en
Slovenian Cuisine
Slovenian cuisine 
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Family friendly
Fine dining
LOCATION: Tulipan Restaurant is located by the main road that runs through the town of Lesce. It takes 10 minutes to drive from Bled to Lesce.
Tulipan Restaurant
Tulipan Restaurant (Gostišče Tulipan) is located in Lesce, a small town near Bled.
You can ride a bike from Bled to Lesce or take a bus. The bus stop is situated opposite the restaurant.
PARKING: The restaurant has its own parking (besides the building where the restaurant is) or across the road. There is also parking for bicycles.
SLOVENIAN CUISINE: This restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes of Slovenian (or Gorenjska) origin, including:
beef broth (goveja juha) with homemade noodles,
Carniolan sausage,
homemade sausage served in minced lard, 
wild game goulash,
fried potatoes with onion (pražen krompir) or salty rolled dumplings as a side dish.
VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN: They also serve dishes that do not include meat (soups, pasta, risottos, dumplings, vegetarian platter) or vegan dishes such as quinoa with peas or miso soup.
Tulipan Restaurant
Potato croquettes
There is also a salad bar.
WINE LIST: This restaurant serves Slovenian wines of excellent quality.
SEATING: There is a large indoor seating area, as well as outdoor seating. Guests can enjoy on the restaurant’s terrace under the lime tree when the days get warmer.
Tulipan Restaurant
Outdoor seating
FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Tulipan Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant where you will find high chairs for small children that you can use.
They also offer two different children’s menus: ‘Little Tulipan platter’ and ‘Janko’s feast’.
This restaurant is located in:
Map Lesce
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