Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen

by petra

Located in a small shopping centre near Lake Bled, Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen serves vegan dishes, such as vegan burgers (made of different kinds of buns and filled with different kinds of patties and sauces), soups, salads, vegan and gluten-free sweets and freshly squeezed juices.

If you look for a place where you can have a quick and healthy snack while exploring Bled, then this vegan bar with outdoor seating is a great choice!


OUR ORDER: Club Burger, House Burger.

Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen Bled
Vegan burgers menu

OUR EXPERIENCE: The burgers that  arrived quickly looked delicious – and healthy! The bun was nicely crunchy and the patty inside (made of mushrooms, zucchini, pumpkin and different sorts of seeds) was delightful. The burger also included a salad mix and a sauce, which made the burger refreshing.

Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen Bled
You can order a vegan burger made according to your choice.

Vegan burgers we ordered were made of buckwheat buns, However, you can also pick other kinds for your burger, such as spelt, corn or gluten-free buns.

If you do not feel like having a meal, you can just have a drink there (maybe a refreshing juice)smoothie or treat yourself with a vegan dessert.

Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen Bled
Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen

CONCLUSION: All in all, Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen did not disappoint us even though it was not possible to order everything from their menu (waffle pizza, soups) that day. The vegan burgers were delicious, the staff attentive and the atmosphere international and relaxed. Till next time!

Update in May 2018: It is now possible to order a vegan cream cake (kremšnita) that is a version of traditional Bled Cream Cake that does not include any animal-derived ingredients.

NOTE: We visited this restaurant on the 26th of May 2017. If you have noticed any change during your visit, please let me know in the comments below. Many thanks! 

Address: 4260 BLED, Ljubljanska 4
Phone: (+386) 70 270 712
Gluten Free
Gluten free
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Budget meals
LOCATION: Vegan kitchen is situated in the shopping centre near Lake Bled (just look for a big white complex along the main road running towards the lake).
Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen Bled
Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen is located at a corner of a big white complex above Lake Bled.
VEGAN BURGERS: In this vegan snack bar you can order vegan burgers made according to your choice. You will be asked to pick a bun, a patty and a sauce for your burger.
GLUTEN FREE: Public & Vegan Kitchen Bled also serves gluten-free food, including gluten free desserts.
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