Welcome to Bledoscope

A local’s guide to Lake Bled and nearby places in the Julian Alps 

Hello, my name is Petra, and I’m a Slovenian content creator, sociologist and licensed tour guide for the area of the Julian Alps. I am also the author of Bledoscope that is being created with love since 2017.

Bledoscope explores Bled, an alpine resort in the northwest of Slovenia known mostly  for Lake Bled, and nearby places from a local’s perspective. My aim is to help you discover off the beaten paths in the area, find hidden gems that are often passed by and tell local stories.

However, if you are coming to Bled for the first time, and do not have much time to spend here, then you might be interested in reading about the most popular attractions in my hometown, like Lake Bled, Bled Island and Bled Castle.

All places described on this website have been visited by myself, some of them even many, many times! I try to update Bledoscope regularly with new sightseeing and hiking suggestions, as well as interesting articles that might spark your idea on what to do when in Bled.

Peračica Waterfall in Brezje
The first Peračica Waterfall in spring (end of May).

What you will find on Bledoscope 

On Bledoscope, I write about well-known attractions in Bled and nearby places, as well as encourage you to get off the beaten path: hike to a nearby village or hill, appreciate the nature, look for unusual sights, find a perfect spot for taking photos…

Bledoscope also offers practical information that you might find useful when planning your trip.